Lassen County Traffic School

Located in scenic, beautiful northeastern California, Lassen County covers an area approximately the size of Connecticut.  It is a rural area with wide-open spaces and unpolluted, crystal clear blue skies.  It has a diverse terrain with thick forests, snow-covered mountains, and vast open high-desert agricultural valleys.

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Taking this way too easy traffic school course of ours is the only thing you have to do because your paperwork, i.e. your certificate, will be electronically submitted to the DMV and Court by us on your behalf. Therefore, sit back and enjoy taking our California traffic school course from your home and adjust it to your own daily schedule. You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that our modern traffic school course has been optimized for tablets and smart phones as well.

Let us underline that our customer support representatives are at your disposal at every step of the registration process. So, if you have any kind of concerns or doubts, feel free to contact them via phone or live chat. Once you do that, you may even be provided with a time limited promotional code which you can use while registering with our clean tickets traffic school. That way, our traffic school prices will become even cheaper.

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