San Bernardino County Traffic School

Do you know that San Bernardino County is part of the Inland Empire area of Southern California, which also includes Riverside County? It is the largest county in the United States at just over 20,000 square miles (52,000km2). It is the only county in California bordered by both Nevada and Arizona, and is one of only two counties in California bordering more than one US state (the other being Modoc County, bordering Nevada and Oregon in the northeast corner of the state).

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What you might also want to know is that our auto traffic school course has been created for your busy life since it is completely self-paced. Take advantage of our modern traffic school and its modern methods, techniques and formats - log in from any computer, at any time, set your own schedule and pace, pass the final exam, and let us take care of all the paperwork. Please note that upon your successful completion of our quick and easy traffic school exam, your certificate will be electronically submitted to the DMV/Court on your behalf. Register with us today and let us help you keep those points off your driving record!


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