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Eduardo B. - Kern, California

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Manuel J. - Los Angeles, California

"easy flowing. appreciated the important context in bold. also liked that sentences pertanant to the test were repeated throughout the coarse verbatim. "
Corinna G. - San Francisco, California

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Son T. - San Bernardino, California

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Angelica H. - Sacramento, California

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Joshua K. - Riverside, California

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Loc V. - San Bernardino, California

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Hon L. - Los Angeles, California

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Lewis C. - Orange, California

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David A. - Los Angeles, California

"Amazing and quick service. Very comprehensive."
Anil M. - Santa Clara, California

"Thank you!"
Vu P. - Riverside, California

"Thanks "
Carlos H. - San Diego, California

"the test was really informative and would recommend it to anyone. the only issue I had was that my card was charged twice instead for once."
Ricklesh C. - Stanislaus, California

"Wow! I'm done! It is really helpful! Thank you! "
Tin N. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you! "
Debora S. - Orange, California

"I completed the course in about 6 hours. YES I did learn something new. Thank you for the clear and easy to follow instructions. However, I hope I never need it again! Thank You Lisa Saunders"
Lisa S. - Santa Cruz, California

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Bryan akili P. - San Joaquin, California

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